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Brian Vad Mathiesen  




Secretary: Nina Ferdinand 

Postal address: Aalborg University, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 9940 7218 // Mobile: (+45) 2944 0877 // Mail: // Homepage:


Professor, PhD, Energy planning, Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning, Denmark

Program Director MSc in Eng. Sustainable Cities 

Deputy Head of 4DH Centre Research Centre 

Research coordinator of The Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group

Thomson Reuters 2015 highly cited researcher worldwide

Vice-Chair of the EU's Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Energy (AGE)



My research: I specialise in the design of 100 % Renewable Energy Systems and the transition from current systems towards such systems from both a technical and economic perspective. I focus my research on Smart Energy Systems and large-scale integration of fluctuating renewable resources (e.g. wind power). Sector integration and identifying synergies in all parts of the energy and transport system for feasible storage and management of intermittent resources are key (e.g. Heat Roadmap Europe 2050). For a decade, I have done research in energy planning, technical energy system analyses, feasibility studies as well as public regulation and technological changes in society.



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·  Our research group’s energy systems analyses tool: EnergyPLAN  

·  Our group’s research focus: Smart Energy Systems // Article in Applied Energy

·  State-of-the-art Smart Energy Research: Smart Energy Review

·  How to decrease costs and increase renewable energy in Europe (2012-2015): Heat Roadmap Europe 2050 // Reports 

·  Fuel cells and Electrolysers in future energy systems (2008): Technical Report // Resume  

·  Transition strategy towards 100% renewable energy in Denmark (2015): IDA’s Energy Vision 2050 (main report) // IDA’s Energy Vision 2050 Executive summery // Sammenfatning

·  Transition strategy towards 100% renewable energy in Denmark (2009): IDA’s Klimaplan 2050 // IDA’s Climate Plan 2050 // Resume

·  CEESAThe CEESA project presents technical scenarios as well as implementation policies and a roadmap of Denmark’s transition from a fossil fuel-dominated energy system to a supply system based completely on renewable energy with a dominating part of intermittent sources like wind and solar power.

·  4DH: 4DH is an international research centre which develops 4th generation district heating technologies and systems. This development is fundamental to the implementation of the Danish objective of being fossil fuel-free by 2050 and the European 2020 goals. The Centre involves eight universities and 19 private partners and is financed by The Danish Council for Strategic Research.

·  How to heat houses in Denmark towards 2050 (in Danish, 2008/2010): Varmeplan Danmark (2008) // Varmeplan Danmark 2010

·  Status on Transport policies related to climate change mitigation: the case of Denmark

·  Example of how a city can transition to 100% renewable energy (2015): Copenhagen Energy Vision 2050 // Resume; and (in Danish, 2010): Energivision for Aalborg Kommune 2050 // Technical report

·  100% Renewable energy Island: Samsø Energy Vision 2030

·  The first vision towards 100% renewable energy in Denmark by 2050 (in Danish, 2006): Ingeniørforeningens Energiplan 2030: baggrundsrapport (IDA’s Energiplan 2030)  



What is Smart Energy Systems? (17 min) 

Smart energy systems lecture (50 min)

Europe is wasting energy (2 min)

Fremtidens energisystemer (16 min – in Danish)




Education and teaching activities

MSc programme Sustainable Cities

MSc programme Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

Bliv Civilingeniør i By-, Energi- og Miljøplanlægning