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The story of the site

I made this simple site to share the information I gathered while looking for parts for my now former Arona engine. Plus the information I later have recieved as a consequence of having this site. I hope that you can use some of the information found here - and if you have anything to add, you are welcome to contact me.

The Arona factory closed in 1983, so finding spares is a bit trickier than for your average engine type.

The former Danish import agent Nimoco still exists according to the company register maintained by Krak.

There is a club of Arona owners in Denmark called Arona Klubben tel +45 26590394. The aim of the club is to get parts and spares for Arona engines. The contact person is the former Danish import agent.

While searching the Internet, I came across a letter to the editor of Practical Boat Owner with a reference to Richard Harris, Darglow Engineering, England (tel +44 (0) 1929556512). He informed me that Arona Engines were made on the basis of Lombardini Engines. Lombardini engines are air-cooled and Arona engines are re-buildt with water-cooling. That means the crank-case is different, but that moving parts pretty much are the same. An Arona AD185 corresponds to a Lombardini LDA450, for instance.

Denmark: The Danish Lombardini agent Fred. Rasmussen is not able to help with Aronas, according to a mail I recieved from them - although they don't relate to the question of whether they can find the spares if you know what type of Lombardini engine corresponds to your Arona.

UK: In the UK, Lombardini may be reached at +44 (0) 1865 793 299 However, the engines that were turned into Aronas have been out of production for many years, so I recieved an e-mail from Lombardini in Italy a while ago according to which it is futile contacting them.

Latest development, however is a very friendly e-mail from Rob Acker, Lombardini, UK, who can help track down spares

Australia: The former Australian agent is J-L Diesel Services. They are not able to get parts any longer.

New Zealand: The NZ agent was Lees Engineering, they sold all their remaining parts stock several years ago, and they are now held by Gulf Marine and Brokerage on Waiheke Island, contact Warrick ph NZ (9) 372 9412.

Finland: Finnparts OY is reportedly (April 2005) a fast and nice company on Lehtisaari island, Helsinki

Germany: The former import agent Köllner Motoren has oil filters, gaskets and possibly other things

In my experience many mechanics prefer selling new engines - or at least prefer working on engines where they don't have to be too imaginative to fix problems or come up with alternative ideas. If you know a good Arona mechanic, I'll put her/him on my site.

The information

List of Arona engines.

List of manuals  Feel free to forward any additional material you may have. Apparently some are related to Solé engines, so you can also check their website. The Mini 2 apparently looks like a close cousin to the 186.

Also check this engine site; they have some Arona manuals

List of spares and replacement spares.

Good Arona mechanics

The market page. This site is not commercial but I have added this section to assist in getting spares.

The Guest book

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Thanks to

Peter Shonk, New Zealand for the information on New Zealand
David Holt, New Zealand for the correction on the phone number
Timo Kallio, Finland, for lots of information in the list.
Jørgen Jessen, Denmark, for the information on the CM10/B
Barry Mills, England, for new telephone of Darglow Engineering
Leonhard Glas, Germany, for information and the manual on the AD 195
Kevin Duckmanton, Australia, for the sample prices of spares for the AD290
Franco Imbroll, Malta,for information on the 182
Peter Böttcher, Norway, on the information on Germany
Rob Ackers, Lombardini, UK
Gerrie Boshoff, South Africa, for information on the 295, 395 and 495
Jeppe Havelund, for the manual for the 182
Antti Laitinen, Finland, for the info on Finland
Drago Brelih, Sydney, Australia on the information on Solé
Kristian Nybye Lund, Denmark, on information on a good mechanic
Dave Reeve on information about the 182
Jean-Pierre Quinque for the manual on the C290
Jesse Hoogeven for information on the 185/186 (he rebuild his 185 to a 186
and has experience to share)

Francesco Tripaldi for information on the AD 195


The web master

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